Welcome to

STARR Collective®!

We provide safe, proven pathways to resolve the pain of deeply buried trauma at the root cause; so you can replace the daily struggle to survive, with a life in which you thrive!

Welcome to

STARR Collective®!

We provide safe, proven pathways to resolve the pain of deeply buried trauma at the root cause; so you can replace the daily struggle to survive, with a life in which you thrive!


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Greetings change seeker!

I’m Bron Lea. My young family was the catalyst for me to seek resolution for my own PTSD in 2015.

Suffering daily with symptoms such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, along with a hairline trigger that caused extreme emotional dysregulation, I’d become highly toxic to myself and everyone around me.

Little did I know, that decision to heal on a deeper level would lead to my soul’s calling as the conduit of change I was born to be!

In 2019, after extensive trauma training and three years spent working with hundreds of clients, I began to create a unique fusion of modalities that blended the science of trauma informed practice, with the spirit of soul alchemy and magic! And that’s how a STARR (StoryTeller Alchemy Rapid Recoding) was born. 

Whether you feel that you or a loved one might be experiencing unresolved trauma in the form of chronic stress, illness or pain; or helping others heal could be the soul-led career you’re meant for...

STARR Collective®️ provides a number of pathways to choose from…each one carefully crafted, to guide you home to your highest potential! 

Hello change seeker!
I’m Bron. My soul’s path led me to resolve the symptoms of my own trauma…including PTSD, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia…so I could become the conduit of trance-formation I was born to be, in loving service to my fellow human beings!

At the end of 2019, I created a bespoke fusion of healing modalities that blended (in the most balanced and grounded way) the science of trauma informed practice I had studied, with the spirit of soul alchemy and magic! And from there, a STARR (StoryTeller Alchemy Rapid Recoding) was born. Whether you are; toying with the idea that you or a loved one MIGHT be experiencing the byproduct of unresolved trauma in the form of stress, mystery illnesses or chronic pain, a practicing coach, counselor or healer looking to expand the tools of your trauma informed practice just starting to consider that helping others heal from trauma might be the soul-led career path you’re meant for…

STARR Collective® has a number of pathways - all leading to your highest potential! - to choose from.

STARR illuminates the way home, walking you safely and gently back to your highest power and potential…

STARR Method

Are you ready to resolve the root cause of your chronic pain and stress? 

Become the hero of your own story as you slay the inner demons of self doubt and fear, with confidence and kindness! Explore our SAFE, proven pathways of leading-edge trauma informed healing.



aka STARR Healer's Academy of Soul Alchemy & Magic! 

Want to walk your authentic soul-led path with swagger? Visit our mastermind hub for healers, intuitives and spiritual seekers, with 24/7 access to a treasure trove of practical magic and divine guidance.


Is it Trauma?

Most people have no idea they’re suffering under the influence of trauma...

Trauma is not any one event. It's a byproduct of past experiences (our own and our family's). Is trauma keeping you trapped in chronic pain, illness or mental health issues? Take our FREE quiz.


One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. ~ Carl Jung

What those who've trained with STARR have to say...


Karnie Kamala | Victoria

STARR is the pinnacle of anything I’ve seen or experienced. It’s like working with my Shaman in a very defined, systematic way that still allows for the scope of freewheeling. It trumps TPC because of the hypnotic processes that target the core wound. It feels like the perfect marriage of all the works and processes I’m aware of. Other programs gave me limited ‘qualifications’ and no scaffolding afterwards. Your trainings are RICH LIFE SKILLS! I can already see the future unfolding! I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your course! It IS ALCHEMICAL! 

Dwana Joanne | BC Canada

Joining STARR has meant everything and brought purpose; I ALWAYS knew my pain had a purpose! STARR has given me the courage and tools to offer healing to others. I've always wanted to do this. STARR has brought an unshakeable peace to my everyday life. A trust. A knowing. I used to look for the light; I now light my own way, joined with others, on this path. I love this amazing sisterhood I've found! The friendship and support is unmatched. I know STARR could heal the world. What do I like most about being part of this magic? Literally everything!

Kath Turner | Coffs Harbour

The STARR trauma training really does heal the emotional pain sitting at the core of our being. I have never come across anything like this modality before. I've been through the process myself and am witness to the profound changes in my own life and can now own the Warrior Woman I am. As a practitioner, I also get to celebrate the profound changes in my client’s lives, which makes my heart sing. Seriously, this is life changing, in the most magical way! Look no further for anything else; the STARR Method is quantum healing at its finest.

Guiding spiritual seekers, creatives, empaths and coaches home to their true soul’s path through the woods of deeper, trauma informed healing.

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