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Doing the deeper "shadow work"...

What does it mean, beyond a mere concept shrouded in mystery and spiritual speak? And more importantly...what will you find when you venture into the woods?

To obtain "enlightenment" or a "spiritual awakening", one must take the path through your own deep, dark forest of stories past.

It's like the old children's song, "Going on a bear hunt"...you can't go around it, you have to go through it...

We must venture through and around the scary bends, where it might feel as though the big bad wolf is waiting to pounce at any moment, as you pass by unsuspectingly.

Fear of the unknown prevents most people from exploring their own inner world. Not to mention...it can be painful in there, where all the #feels have long been stored up.

Our bodies are like emotional filing cabinets. And if you're not occasionally clearing some of the old files out, eventually that dumping ground will be full to overflowing.

But here's the thing, journeying through that darkness is where you uncover the most illuminating truths about who you are.

It's where you "discover" your purpose. Because you are literally IN it! You are walking YOUR path. No one else's.

Turning to face what lies in the shadows can be triggering AF!

But when you take that Indiana Jones adventure into the recesses of your psyche with a guide by your side...who can show you how to illuminate the darkness with your own awakening wisdom...

...suddenly, the deep dark forest and shadows of your stories past, don't look quite so scary anymore. And neither do the "beasts" you're hunting.

In fact you'll wanna give those bears you need to beware of, a big squishy hug when you find them!

If you want to know more about venturing into the shadowy depths of your psyche and not just surviving to tell the tale, but taking your power back from past stories and changing your entire reality from within...

Check out this full one hour deep-dive conversation, where I reveal some little known truths about trauma and shadow work. 📺 A Bite With Bron (Real Trauma & Healing Talk) 📺

A Message from Source on Venturing into the Void...🙏

If you've been delaying a journey into the darkness for fear of what you might be faced with, we understand. But know that you all have infinite layers of shadow, just as you do light, hence the exploration of both is never ending.

You only find things to fear in the darkness, when you give those things power over you.

At heart, you carry the spirit of warrior. And the warrior understands that darkness, is simply light turned in on itself.

In truth, all you fear is a litany of illusions. You fear things that can never possibly harm you, for they are of the past. You fear things that may not ever eventuate. For they are of the future.

Most of all, you fear the uncertain fleetingness of the illusion that is your lived experience. The darkness reminds you of the impermanence of that illusion, which is why it is scary.

Darkness masks the illusion of your reality. Blankets it. So the illusion too then, is lost to your eyes. It shows you that the illusion you create as your reality can be gone in an instant. And it is this uncertainty of the illusion that scares humans.

But the fact is...that uncertainty and fleetingness can be beautiful. Divine. The birthplace of expansion and evolution...

You are eternally, unconditionally loved ❣️

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