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In order to make peace with others, we must first find it in ourselves. Same with forgiveness. Otherwise we're merely playing out learned concepts and constructs - empty and meaningless when we don't have the inner peace or forgiveness to give in the first place.

If you're not giving yourself the gifts of love, peace and forgiveness...how do you have any of those things to give others? How do you give from an overflow of them?

Imagine never taking money for your services or gifts, because you feel you don't deserve it...even as you're trying to give all of your energy away to others. Not much of a stretch for me to imagine personally, as it's how I tried to live the first part of my adult life.

Obviously it didn't work. I ended up emotionally, mentally, physically and financially bankrupt.

When you give without receiving, you're giving from a vacuum essentially. A vacuum filled with the energy of lack, fear, guilt, shame, "I'm not worthy", etc...

It's like handing out a bunch of beautifully wrapped Christmas presents that have nothing in them, because you never actually went shopping for any gifts to give.

If you consider the Queen of Pentacles in Tarot, she gives away a percentage of her pentacles, but keeps a larger amount for herself. She gives from a cup that runneth over, not that she's bleeding dry, before trying to distribute the leftovers...

My mum distributed "the leftovers" all the time. She "sacrificed" and we all knew about it. Of course none of us really talked about how that played out in the dynamics of our family...because that would mean acknowledging something was "wrong"...something my father didn't like to be.

Please know this isn't about blaming my parents. We're all just here doing the best we can with what we know. That's the truth.

It's never about blaming anyone. At least it never should be. Unfortunately, that's what modern psychology has been whittled down to, thanks to Freud trumping Jung when it comes to what's taught in the textbooks. Who do I blame for making me a victim?

And I mean, the obvious scapegoats are the people we came here with to work through the majority of our karmic lessons that we didn't quite learn last time. Family. Starting with our parents of course.

Let me talk about my problems, trauma bond with therapists and such...woe is me. Shitty past stories, blah blah blah...

And I mean, the obvious scapegoats are the people we came here with to work through the majority of our karmic lessons that we didn't quite learn last time. Family. Starting with our parents of course.

Again...no judgment...it's just how our society rolls when it comes to mental health 101.

Ironically...the way we "address" mental and emotional health in our western world order is incredibly toxic! In fact, it perpetuates the trauma and adaptive behaviours we've developed over generations, rather than resolving anything in the long term.

Probably cause Freud had his own unresolved mummy and daddy issues. Obviously.

I read a stellar quote the other day. A woman's therapist says to her, "Children are incredibly resilient", to which she replies..."Then why do so many of us adults need therapy?"

BOOM! Truth bomb right there...

Resilience is an adaptive trauma response. YES...we are meant to be resilient as humans in order to survive. But we're not meant to be resilient enough to tackle our bodies being in a perpetual state of fecking flight, flight, freeze. That is NOT NORMAL!

And we need to stop acting like it is. PLEASE! If not for you (because you think you're "too far gone"), then for future generations, perhaps? Can we please stop cycling in the shite? We can actually leave the past in the past, y'know?

And when you find the peace of that letting go in your own body, mind and soul...guess what? You can give it to others from your own overflow! Not just as a fluffy concept. Because energy knows the difference.

And it never lies. So if you're not where you want to be just yet in terms of how you feel...

If you struggle with a nervous system in all sorts of crazy crossed wiring that feels like it has to be vigilant 99.9% of the time, to the point you virtually sleep with one eye open and trust NO ONE...ask yourself why?

Am I giving without first allowing myself to receive...love, forgiveness...peace? And pay attention to the response. Your energy speaks volumes!

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