Quantum Leap into Soul-Led Success With A Galaxy of Support From STARR

Coaches, counsellors, healers; are you tired of trying to build a prosperous, healing practice from a bunch of cobbled together puzzle pieces and processes that don’t align with your vision? Here’s the “all-in-one” solution to fill your calendar with raving fan clients as you quantum leap into soul-led success!


Not your average trauma therapy training…

You want to take your healing business (or dream to build one) from a “flash in the pan” part time hobby to a high impact, professional practice. While many coaches and therapists come and go in today’s competitive online space…you dream of leaving a lasting legacy! But how do you do that when you’re confused by all the conflicting “expert” advice that leaves you questioning;

Stand Out

How to stand out…

…when every online platform is crawling with coaches whose capacity to buy more social media time to show off their glam, high priced programs leaves you feeling like a bargain basement fraud. Even though you’re damn good at what you do!

How to connect

How to connect…

…and communicate with your ideal clients, when 80% of your time is spent trying to figure out marketing funnels and facebook algorithms, and only 20% is left over to actually do what you came here to do - help people on their healing journey!

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How to scale…

your business in a way that feels aligned and manageable, without wasting loads of money and time trying to make your soul-led service fit into a one-size-fits-all “promised land” strategy that ends up suffocating your unique genius and message!

What if you could...


Train from the comfort of your own home to become a professional hypnotherapist and learn how to help clients resolve symptoms of complex trauma, so you can have the impact (and income!) you desire!


Imagine holding sacred, “soul-attuned” space as you gently guide your clients to achieve rapid and radical transformation, while they feel completely safe — a specialist skill that not all trauma training teaches you! 


STARR Advanced Trauma Training & Practitioner Certification

Whether you have an established coaching or counselling business, or a desire to follow your soul’s calling as a healer (maybe as a trauma survivor yourself!), you could be facilitating our range of STARR Method™ programs as a qualified STARR Practitioner in just 6 months! As with all things STARR, the choice as to whether you fast track, or ease your way into the training is up to you!

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What to Expect When You Train With STARR…


Heal with STARR to resolve your own past stories and common healer’s wounds of “not enoughness” (manifesting as imposter syndrome and people pleasing). Strengthen your intuitive connection, as you release resistance and energetic blocks around building a profitable soul-led practice, such as limitation money programming from your childhood. 

Learn with STARR as you undertake our 9 Month Advanced Trauma Training and Practitioner Certification, from the comfort of your own couch. Be guided with care, through a bespoke blend of self paced masterclasses, scaffolded with full support from the STARR Training Team. Connect in weekly zoom circles with fellow STARR students, as you integrate and implement what you’re learning.  

Grow with STARR as we support you in building your practice and a booked out client calendar. Receive comprehensive mentoring and guidance, as you facilitate STARR with your first six clients, either in a group dynamic or 1:1 sessions.

Shine with STARR and our unique, Practice Made Perfect™️ professional toolkit. On completion of training you’ll receive all program outlines, scripts, session sequences and pre-talk templates to facilitate our exclusive STARR Method™️ offerings. 

Prosper with STARR as you leverage our exclusive network of soul-led business, branding, design, copy and social media master strategists. PLUS, enjoy the reassurance of global accreditation and discounted professional insurance through The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

We are writing a new story now…weaving a new world, as we rebirth into a new way of being human. We are here to break the cycles of trauma and shine a light on the soul-led path; guiding us home, to the truth of who we really are.

The Speed of Light STARR Path to a profitable, trauma informed practice and radical transformation!

Take the guesswork out of best practice, trauma informed healing and learn how to facilitate this uniquely holistic modality that treats the body, mind and spirit within a dynamic, embodied process. 

At the core of STARR and all programs we facilitate, is our trademark 7-step Soul Code Activation Sequence™️ that works at al levels of consciousness.

Each step plays a pivotal role in resolving the complex and cumulative effects of trauma, realigning the energy centres, and regulating the nervous system back to a state of calm as the client's gently guided into an empowered sense of “I am safe”.

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Client Success Story 

Lynda | Amorah Healing

STARR is a complete life-changer. I cannot recommend it enough; I found more healing in my first two sessions of STARR than two years of counselling and therapy! I came to Lynda looking for help with a health condition, yet I left with what feels like an entirely new life. Lynda showed me it’s possible to overcome anything and how to step into my power. She guided me through old limiting beliefs, fully processing past trauma. Lynda is a beautiful soul–a talented teacher and healer. STARR is brilliantly designed, and Lynda’s gift for helping people makes it a profoundly impactful experience. 

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Client Success Story

JD Cole | Natural Comforts Healing 

My journey's been unconventional in all the good ways. I was a bit skeptical at first. But I've been met with nothing but progress and exciting steps toward healing, and I'm seeing signs of that in my day-to-day life. I like that my mentor's so communicative and supportive, really listening to how I'm doing, and that I can go at my own pace and really appreciate my wins. It hasn't always been easy. But now I have the tools and confidence to keep going and know that I am valid in what I feel. One of the best things in this program is not having to relive the trauma.

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Client Success Story 

Bron Lea | STARR Founder

Immediately post-STARR; Hey Bron, sitting with my dad, playing him native American music, holding his hand as he leaves this world. I feel incredibly peaceful. And that my magical friend, is because of you. Thank you for everything! One year after STARR; I'm doing great! It was the 1 year anniversary of dad's passing on Memorial Day, and I went to a little river to celebrate him. One of his favorite places. I also had a great heart to heart with my mom, on Mother's day! It was awesome for both of us! Our convo was so calm and loving. Again thank you so much. I could never have done it before working with you. 

Whether you want to scale your existing practice beyond hourly session rates or build a brand new healing business that gives you the flexibility to choose how and when you work, STARR’s unique, “Practice Made Perfect” model could be the solution you’ve been searching for!

Included in the training;
  • Step by step content and professional instruction around all aspects of safe, trauma informed practice.
  • Self paced learning through our exclusive, STARR Apprentice Alchemist’s membership platform.
  • 11 Modules and over 50 hours of pre-recorded Masterclasses, easy to follow audios, handouts and transcripts. 
  • 11 x LIVE Triple I (Intuition, Integration and Implementation) Masterclasses, for the practical application of all you learn and amplification of your intuitive responsiveness to clients. 
  • 4 x LIVE case study and assessment masterclasses. 
  • Full email and messenger support to ensure successful completion - we don’t leave you alone to work it all out on your own. 
  • A caring community of support as you learn alongside fellow STARR students!  
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Perks of being a STARR Practitioner:

  • Be fully supported within a caring Community of Practice and scale your practice with ease through STARR’s unique, soul aligned business network.
  • Niche into specialist areas and be seen as an expert in your field. 
  • Scale without stress. We have numerous options to increase your impact AND income, without adding more client contact hours to your days. 
  • Enjoy consistent recurring income with our unique range of stand alone programs OR we’ll help you weave STARR into your own unique service offer! 
  • Multiple pathways to grow your practice, in a way that works for you.
  • All necessary hypnotherapy scripts, client onboarding, admin tools (including done for you email templates) and marketing content for use in your own practice.
  • Work virtually from anywhere you like and determine your own hours.
  • Global accreditation and discounted professional insurance through the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

Over $18,000 worth of bonuses!

Heal the healer
Bonus 1

Heal the Healer - The STARR Method™ Experience 

(Total Value - $3,000)

Activate your highest potential! Experience this groundbreaking trauma recovery process for yourself, so you can guide your clients with integrity, empathy and awareness.

  • 1:1 OR Group Sessions with a STARR Master Alchemist (you choose!)
  • Access to your mentor throughout your journey via email and/or messenger
  • Audio & Journalling activations to support your Journey
  • 4 x hypno-journey audios to keep for life
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Bonus 2

Putting it into Practice - Mentoring & Implementation  

(Total Value - $8,000)

Receive full support as you work with your first STARR Therapy™ clients.

  • 8 x LIVE 2 hour group mentoring calls with Bron Lea or a STARR Master Alchemist
  • One hour, 1:1 implementation & review call with Bron Lea or a STARR Master Alchemist 
  • Full email messenger support with your first 6 clients from Bron Lea and STARR Master Alchemists
  • 1:1 mentoring assessment Zoom Call
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Bonus 3

Done for you Professional Practice Portfolio  

(Total Value - $8,000)

We take all the guesswork out of client onboarding and care, with this complete suite of professionally prepared documents that you can add your own branding to with ease!

  • Full (and expanding) suite of STARR Method™️ Pre-Talks and Scripts
  • Client contracts and intake forms 
  • Program offer swipe files
  • Social media content swipe files
  • Client onboarding email templates
Who is this training for?:

As with everything we do in STARR, our practitioner training program and ongoing professional guidance is designed to fit around your life, and where you’re at on your journey.

That means YOU get to choose the best pathway through the program, with our full support. STARR might be THE perfect fit, if you are;

  • A busy mum or dad who wants to leave a legacy of change, while still prioritising your family. STARR founder, Bron Lea, is a homeschooling mum of 3 kids on the Autism Spectrum (one with T1 Diabetes). We're a true family first organisation!
  • A professional healthcare worker impacted by recent global events, and looking for a new career path, while still being of service to your community!

  • A coach or healer who wants to be part of a caring community of practice, so you don't have to "figure it all out" on your own.

  • A natural born empath/healer, looking to hone your skills within a like-minded hub of connection and turn your sensitivity into the key to unlocking your best life! 

  • A coach who’s curious about trauma informed healing and fascinated by all things human biology, behaviour and psyche, looking to expand your professional knowledge and capacity to work with clients through issues of complex trauma HOLISTICALLY. Including business and spiritual coaches.

  • A carer, teacher or other community based service provider who wants to support your clients and/or students from a safe, professional and caring, trauma aware space.

  • A healer who feels you’ve “hit a wall” in your practice and is not only looking for a powerful modality to add to your toolkit, but one that also serves you personally, in scaling beyond any visibility or limitation belief “blockages”.

Two Ways to Learn More

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Book Your Soul-led Success Call! 

We offer a limited number of FREE 30 minute Zoom calls, to assess your current circumstances and provide a no obligation insight into successfully growing your healing or coaching practice with more, soul-aligned ease. 

During your call, we’ll connect with Spirit and your super conscious, amplifying your intuition and bringing soul alignment to your business strategy. 

Don't have a practice yet? No problem! We’ll attune to your highest self for insight into the best pathway to build your service based business, ensuring you have the necessary foundations to grow sustainably…without burnout or overwhelm. 

Soul-led strategy (versus one size fits all approaches) is what we do at STARR! We’re excited to work with YOUR unique magic and help you SHINE in the healing space!  

AND…if we feel that our groundbreaking program would be a good fit for your business, we’ll invite you to have a chat about the STARR Method and STARR Collective too.


Book A Soul-Led Strategy Call
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Grab your FREE Training Prospectus!

Want to learn how to collapse timelines and alter reality (using universal consciousness and quantum travel), to facilitate the ultimate transformational experience for yourself, your clients and your soul based business?

The STARR Collective®️ Institute of Healing offers a 9 month immersion into the science AND spiritual elements of trauma informed practice, alongside the mechanics of soul, consciousness and energetic alchemy and shadow work that takes you deeper than you ever dreamed possible. 

Click the link for a comprehensive insight as to what you can look forward to learning AND embodying at the deepest soul-level…in arguably one of the most comprehensive, trauma informed courses you can complete online...

Including all the tech training you need to build an online healing biz...because we like to make what can feel like a whole lot of "hard to juggle" legwork, into purposefully aligned play...so you can prosper in your practice straight away!  


Grab A Copy of the Prospectus

This is a snippet of the phenomenal feedback our practitioners receive from their raving fan clients…and you can too!

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Kath Turner 

Project Phoenix Rising

STARR Method is the ultimate healing tool. My client said she enjoyed the session; she is experiencing stepping into her own power and taking control back for the first time in her life, from just the first session! I am blown away by what she is experiencing at the moment! Massive transformation! This really is a dream come true for me. To see lives transformed in such a wonderful way, is the fuel that lights my fire. 

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Lynda Monopoli

Amorah Healing

I came across the notebook I used to record the limiting beliefs from our sessions, that used to be a massive part of my life, and was pleasantly surprised to find I'd forgotten about them! I've had some incredible changes - I think the most amazing one is I haven't felt the need to over-eat; for the first time ever I don't have a belief that "the food is going to run out," or "it'll be my last chance to eat it" - and it feels awesome!

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Kate Taylor 

Embracing Change

The Eternal Garden was rather intense, I actually felt the presence of one of her ex's with us, which was beautiful. I chatted briefly about changes she noticed, and she (the client) reported that her boundaries have improved and she feels much more safe to express to the two controlling men in her life (dad and ex husband) yay! She also responds, rather than reacts to her children, which she loves.

Greetings Way-Shower,

I’m Bron Lea, Founder of STARR Collective and Creator of the Revolutionary STARR Method™️, for deep trauma healing.

Once upon a time, I suffered from a shopping list of crippling symptoms; Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Endometriosis, Infertility, PostNatal Depression and digestive issues, to name a few. It wasn’t until my forties, after what felt like years of fruitless searching for answers, that I found out the root cause of it all was TRAUMA!

After being diagnosed with complex PTSD, stemming from a dysfunctional childhood (I tried very hard to normalise) that inevitably became a highly toxic and unhealthy adulthood, I stumbled upon my soul-led path in the pursuit of my own personal healing.

STARR, a leading-edge trauma resolution process known as StoryTeller Alchemy Rapid Recoding, was born from the rubble of my recovery. We are now at the leading edge of humanity’s collective healing, growing a global community of custodians for the new earth. Because the choices we make today, will create the world of tomorrow our children inherit.

As a Qualified STARR Practitioner You’ll Enjoy…


The Power to Choose your own, unique soul-led success pathway. Whether you want to work with clients 1:1, in a group dynamic or in smaller, intensive workshops, we’ve got you covered! 

Peace of Mind that no matter the method of delivery, your clients will achieve optimal results and resolution of their deep seated trauma…without the risk of re-traumatising or retriggering. 

Consistent Cashflow and residual “do nothing” affiliate income from our suite of online tailored courses, workshops and memberships promoted through STARR Collective. PLUS the opportunity to co-facilitate paid programs with STARR Founder, Bron Lea. Highlight your expertise and zone of genius with an organisation renowned for our knowledge in the field of complex trauma.  

A Community of Support and acceptance. Never feel isolated or be left second guessing - no matter how tricky or complex the client might be that you’re serving. Become part of a global network of like-minded healers and attend weekly group zoom sessions where we hold space for whatever personal or professional assistance you need. 

Ongoing Opportunities for further learning and advanced training in specialist niche areas of complex trauma, such as birth trauma, sexual trauma, addiciton, youth and parenting, etc.

A Treasure Trove of “Done For You” marketing and promotional materials, including copy for social media posts, marketing funnels, sales pages, email sequences, workshop and training templates, to ensure messaging around your offerings is a clear, concise expression of your unique soul-led service.

“One star on its own can be swallowed up by the sky, but a whole galaxy of stars illuminates and transforms the darkness with a dazzling display of collective might!” - Bron Lea 

>>> Payment plans and full business support available to applicants <<<


 Our next training launches September 2022

Download the prospectus or apply now for your Soul-Led Strategy Call. Spaces limited!

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