Where it all began...

STARR Method

Welcome to STARR Collective®, where we swap confusing “spiritual speak” and endless sessions of talk therapy for a holistic, soul-led approach to trauma-informed healing. You bring the magic! STARR brings a guiding light; illuminating the pathway home, to your own power and potential

Curious to learn more? Watch founder Bron Lea talk about who STARR is for, how it was created and why you need it in your life...


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Where it all began...

STARR Method

Welcome to STARR Collective®, where we swap confusing “spiritual speak” and endless sessions of talk therapy for a holistic, soul-led approach to trauma-informed healing. You bring the magic! STARR brings a guiding light; illuminating the pathway home, to your own power and potential

Curious to learn more? Watch founder Bron Lea talk about who STARR is for, how it was created and why you need it in your life... 

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Three Pathways to Healing

with the STARR Method™️


Choose your own adventure! What can you expect from our life-changing STARR programs? Whether you're looking for > Trauma Healing in a nurturing, safe and sacred group setting > One on One Shadow Work with a STARR Trauma Specialist OR > Certified Training in one of the most comprehensive and groundbreaking online trauma courses in the world, to become a STARR Practitioner with your own prosperous healing practice; let STARR light the way to your highest success!


The Hero's Journey

For those who want to venture through the "enchanted forest" of your inner shadow world, with a supportive posse of fellow travelers! Explore the hidden depths of your own powerful healing magic; transmuting through your trauma, so you can return home to your highest soul-led success!

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1:1 Accelerated Healing

Journey 1:1 with a STARR Certified Practitioner

Experience our world leading, signature 7 step process; designed to gently guide you through all necessary stages of holistic trauma resolution, so you can create radical and lasting change in your life, regulate your nervous system and live with purpose, power and prosperity!

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Become a Practitioner

Learn the science of trauma-informed healing, taught in the language of your soul.

The ultimate online course for practicing (and aspiring!) healers, counsellors, coaches and light/shadow workers, who want to facilitate a deeply transformative modality of trauma resolution, nervous system regulation and soul alchemy for your clients.

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What others say about STARR

Jodi C, Florida

Since STARR I’ve lost 60 pounds! The clarity of mind I now have, gives me so much more freedom to focus on what’s important. And that’s my physical and mental health. I used to allow way too much that was detrimental to me and let other people take control, never asking for what I wanted. Now I'm speaking up for myself and what I need. I’m learning how to say no real quick! I’m not afraid to hold space for myself anymore.

Sacha T, New Zealand

I feel like a different person! The critical chatter has gone, I'm loving and appreciating myself on a whole new level. Life is much brighter and I'm receiving glimpses of my soul led future. I catch my son and hubby staring at me; they see and feel a difference! I'm laughing more and more carefree. This is a stark contrast to the person I was last week, I'm loving everything about me and I AM so incredibly grateful I said YES.

Suzi A, Melbourne

Nothing phases me anymore. I am at such peace and so grateful to STARR for helping me get to this point. There's no going back from this feeling of empowerment! It's a new way of living. Sure, I have my days (as Bron says, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t feel emotion), however I also have the tools I need now to never, ever be in victim mode again! Bring it on! I am ready to tackle and handle anything that comes my way!

What is STARR Method™️?

StoryTeller Alchemy Rapid Recoding (STARR) is a groundbreaking, trauma informed pathway of deeper, embodied healing; for spiritual seekers, healers, coaches and creatives to accelerate their personal and professional expansion…in a different way now! As your soul takes the lead!

If you’re exhausted (and triggered!) from trying to squeeze your healing journey, biz magic and SELF into “one size fits all” strategies, with coaches, mentors and modalities that don’t let the TRUE YOU shine…we’re here for you. And we hear you!

The STARR Point of Difference

Unlike other approaches to healing STARR’s world-leading, step by step process illuminates your own, soul-led path of power and potential; guiding you safely through the forest of your inner shadows, and home to your divine truth, where you are free to shine!

This dynamic, enriching and elegant process gives you the confidence, clarity and calm to express yourself with authenticity and integrity. As well as the means to resolve debilitating, long term symptoms of trauma where it’s stored - in the mind and body, including;

Depression > Anxiety > Fears and Phobias > PTSD and cPTSD > Chronic pain > Chronic Fatigue > Addiction  > Inflammatory issues > And other manifestations of long term trauma.



STARR’s unique spirit-meets-science, psychosocial biological approach to trauma, leaves no room for fluffy emotional bypassing or empty “spiritual speak”. This is a modality with substance and soul.

It is a grounded, EMBODIED path of deep healing that empowers you to transmute the pain of your past stories into the divine, soul lit path you were born to walk in this lifetime! AND sashay along that path in total confidence! Pain free! It IS possible! 

While we use a unique form of hypnotherapy to reprogram internal beliefs around your past, STARR goes so much further than mindset work.

To change your story, you must bring your nervous system back to a regulated state of calm. A process that requires AND creates a fully embodied and aware state of being…

You have to feel it to heal it. 

What is woven into the

7 principle STARR Method™️ steps?

  • The science of trauma-informed, nervous system regulation;  incorporating teachings from experts such as Peter Levine, Gabor Mate and Stephen Porges.
  • Divinely channeled wisdom
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Somatic experiencing
  • Parts/Resource Therapy
  • Ego State Therapy
  • Dream rehearsal therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Mindfulness and breathwork
  • Shamanic and shadow work
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More SuperSTARR Client Success Stories

Sara S, Melbourne

The STARR journey helped me get to the root cause of my problems very quickly, so I was able to deal with them, heal and let them go. The process is rapid and life changing. I can talk about past trauma without feeling the emotion that used to be associated with those memories now. I'm much better at setting healthy boundaries for myself and feel empowered to take control of my life through the conscious choices I make for myself. I now have the tools to be the person and parent I really want to be.

Kate T, Western Australia

After taking the STARR journey, I can honestly say it's amazing! I'm not new to healing work, and use multiple modalities for myself and clients, so when I heard about STARR, I couldn't resist. STARR focuses on so much, not just one problem like other modalities. It makes a massive impact on your entire way of life! It's holistic, gentle and nurturing. STARR gave me back my power, to rewrite my story and let go of what was holding me back. I hardly recognise the new woman I’ve become!

Annie McF, Gippsland

Before working with Bron I had chronic stress dating back 35 years. Simple, everyday things would be a trigger for me, and I pretended I was okay. STARR has changed my life! I don’t mean, 'OMG you changed my life' and a week later we're back to where we were before. This is a seriously incredible life changing experience! My body's gone from fight or flight to calm and centred. None of the old stories trigger a reaction anymore. I feel like a whole new shiny, happy me! No faking required! 

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Inside Your Free PlayBook;

  1. Discover what's holding you back from living the EMBODIMENT of your TRUE creative expression, purpose and power.
  2. Learn how to identify and RESET the limitation biases and beliefs you took on as a child, so your past no longer gets in the way of your present potential.
  3. Find out how changing your story not only radically transforms your own life, but also changes the trajectory of future generations as you liberate your family from the same cycles of suffering; become a custodian of change on our planet!